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Use of graphite electrode

Pulished on Jun. 22, 2019

Use of graphite electrode

1. Ordinary power graphite electrode allows the use of graphite electrodes with current density lower than 17A/cm2, mainly used in ordinary power electric furnaces such as steel making, silicon refining, and yellowing phosphorus.

2. Anti-oxidation coating graphite electrode

A graphite electrode coated with an anti-oxidation protective layer (graphite electrode antioxidant). Forming a protective layer that is both conductive and resistant to high temperature oxidation, reduces electrode consumption during steelmaking (19% to 50%), extends electrode life (22% to 60%), and reduces electrode power consumption. The promotion of this technology can bring about such economic and social effects:

(1) graphite electrode unit consumption is less, and the production cost is reduced. For example, in a steel-making plant, the annual consumption of 165 furnaces in the first-class LF refining furnace is not stopped, and the consumption of 165 furnaces in refining treatment is calculated. After the graphite electrode anti-oxidation technology, 373 graphite electrodes can be saved each year. The electrode of 153 tons), calculated at RMB 16,900 per ton of ultra-high power electrode per year, can save 2,857,700 yuan.

Graphite Electrode for Steel Making

(2) graphite electrode consumes less power, saves unit steelmaking electricity consumption, saves production costs, and saves energy!

(3)Due to the small number of graphite electrode exchanges, the labor and risk factors of the operators are reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.

(4)Graphite electrode is a high-consumption and high-pollution product, which has very important social significance in the days of energy conservation and environmental protection.

This technology is still in the research and development stage in China, and some domestic manufacturers are also starting production. It has been widely used in developed countries such as Japan. At present, there are also companies that specialize in importing these antioxidant protective coatings.

3. High power graphite electrode. Graphite electrodes with a current density of 18 to 25 A/cm 2 are allowed, and are mainly used in high-power electric arc furnaces for steel making.

4. Ultra high power graphite electrode. A graphite electrode with a current density greater than 25 A/cm 2 is allowed. Mainly used in ultra-high power steelmaking electric arc furnaces.

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