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The Introduce Of Carbon Graphite

Pulished on Nov. 11, 2019

Carbon graphite is the most widely used friction pair material in mechanical seal industry, which has good self-lubricating performance.

 the introduce of carbon graphite

China graphite electrode manufacturers made a brief introduction to carbon graphite electrode :Carbon graphite electrode is mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke as raw materials, coal asphalt as binder, after calcination, batching, kneading, pressing, roasting, graphitization and machining. It is a conductor that releases electric energy in the form of electric arc to heat and melt the furnace charge. According to its quality index, it can be divided into ordinary power, high power and ultra-high power.

Classification of graphite electrodes:

ordinary power graphite electrode

允许使用电流密度低于 17A/厘米2的石墨电极,主要用于炼钢、炼硅、炼黄磷等的普通功率电炉。

It is allowed to use graphite electrode with current density lower than 17a / cm2, which is mainly used in ordinary power electric furnaces such as steel-making, silicon smelting and yellow phosphorus smelting.


II. Anti oxidation coated graphite electrode

表面涂覆一层抗氧化保护层(石墨电极抗氧化剂)的石墨电极。形成既能导电又耐高温氧化的保护层,降低 聚兴碳素石墨电极炼钢时的电极消耗(19%~50%),延长电极的使用寿命(22%~60%),降低电极的电能消耗。这项技术的推广使用可以带来这样的经济社会效应:

The graphite electrode is coated with an anti-oxidation protective layer (graphite electrode antioxidant). Forming a protective layer that can conduct electricity and resist high temperature oxidation can reduce the electrode consumption (19% ~ 50%) of carbon graphite electrode in steel-making, prolong the service life of the electrode (22% ~ 60%), and reduce the electric energy consumption of the electrode. The promotion and use of this technology can bring such economic and social effects:


1: the unit consumption of graphite electrode is less, and the production cost is reduced to a certain extent.


2: the graphite electrode consumes less electric energy, saving the electric consumption per unit of steel-making, saving the production cost and energy saving.


3:  due to the less replacement times of graphite electrode, the labor volume and risk coefficient of operators are reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.


4: graphite electrode is a low consumption and low pollution product, which has a very important social significance in today's energy conservation and emission reduction.


III. high power graphite electrode


It is allowed to use graphite electrode with current density of 18 ~ 25A / cm2, which is mainly used in high-power arc furnace for steelmaking.


IV. ultra high power graphite electrode

允许使用电流密度大于 25A/厘米 2的石墨电极。主要用于超高功率炼钢电弧炉。

Graphite electrode with current density greater than 25A / cm2 is allowed. It is mainly used in UHP EAF.

 the introduce of carbon graphite


Graphite has the following high-quality properties that copper cannot match:

1. Processing speed: three times faster than copper in high-speed rough milling; five times faster than copper in high-speed finish milling.

2. It has good machinability and can realize complex geometric modeling.

3. Light weight, less than 1 / 4 of the density of copper, easy to clamp the electrode.

4. It can reduce the number of single electrode, because it can be bundled into combined electrode.