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2019 Russia International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition

Pulished on Oct. 11, 2019
  • The exhibition summary

Time: November 12-15, 2019

Venue: Moscow, Russia

Group Committee: Russian Metal Society

Exhibition cycle: once a year

Site: Moscow, Russia, Hall 75 VDNH

Booth number: 1D73

  • The exhibition brief

In 2019, the 25th Russia International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition is one of the world's most famous metallurgical exhibitions. It is currently the largest metallurgical exhibition in Russia, and it is held every year, and the scale of each year is constantly expanding. Since its inception, the exhibition has greatly promoted the development of the local steel industry in Russia and strengthened the exchanges between Russia and the world steel industry. Therefore, the exhibition was received by the Russian Federation Ministry of Science and Technology, the Russian Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the All-Russian Exhibition Center, the Russian Metal and Steel Traders Association, the International Fair (UFI), the Russian Metal Exporters Federation, and the International Metals Federation. , Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic Sea National Exhibition Federation, the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other units of strong support. The last exhibition was held at the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow from November 14-17, 2017. 530 companies from 35 countries and regions exhibit state-of-the-art equipment and technology and a full range of products in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries. More than 30,000 end customers from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, construction, power and engineering, transportation and logistics, machinery manufacturing and other industries visited the show. In addition to exhibitions, there are technical exchanges such as expert meetings, seminars and symposia. Chinese exhibitors are actively participating in the exhibition every year. Steel equipment and spare parts manufacturers, especially steel products and semi-finished products such as pipes and wires, have made remarkable achievements in recent years. China and Russia are close neighbors and their geographical advantages are obvious. It is of great significance to push China's metallurgical equipment, technology and products to the Russian market without losing the opportunity to promote the rapid development of Sino-Russian steel trade and economic and technological cooperation and seize the commanding heights of the Russian steel market. This exhibition is not only an activity platform for the Russian industrial metal industry, but also an activity stage for the world's industrial metal counterparts.

2019 Russia International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition