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Raw materials for graphite electrode production

Pulished on Oct. 19, 2019

Graphite is a non-metallic material with a very high melting point that can withstand larger current setting conditions. When the discharge area and the electrode size are larger, the superiority of the high efficiency rough processing of the graphite material is more remarkable. The thermal conductivity of graphite is 1/3 of that of copper. The heat generated during discharge can be used to remove metal materials more effectively. Therefore, in medium and fine processing, the processing efficiency is higher than that of copper electrodes. In general, under the correct conditions of use, the electrical discharge processing speed of the graphite electrode is 1.5 to 2 times faster than the overall copper electrode. Today, the graphite electrode plant introduces the raw materials used in the production of graphite electrodes.

Raw materials for graphite electrode production

Graphite Electrode for Steel Melting

1.Petroleum coke

Petroleum coke is the main raw material for producing various graphite products such as graphite electrode, graphitized anode and graphitized block. It is also the main raw material for producing prebaked anode and anode paste. Petroleum coke is characterized by extremely low ash impurities and easy graphitization at high temperatures, resulting in better quality of the resulting graphite.

Petroleum coke is one of the by-products of the petroleum refining process. The residue obtained by atmospheric distillation or vacuum distillation and petroleum pitch (or the residue obtained after cracking) can be used as a raw material for coking. The main products of coking are LPG, gasoline, diesel, etc., and the final residue is petroleum coke.

2. Asphalt coke

Asphalt coke is also the main raw material for the production of graphite products such as graphite electrodes, graphite anodes and graphite blocks, as well as prebaked anodes and anode pastes. Petroleum coke is easily graphitized, but the mechanical strength of the product is low. Graphite obtained at the same graphitization temperature of pitch coke has a larger specific resistance but higher mechanical strength. Therefore, in general, when producing graphite products, a certain proportion of pitch coke is used in addition to petroleum coke. Asphalt coke is a low sulfur, low ash coke. Asphalt coke is the final product of coking of coal tar pitch in coke ovens.

3. Anthracite

Anthracite is also the main raw material for the production of various graphite electrodes, carbon blocks, graphite anodes and various electrode pastes. Sometimes, graphite ash can also be formulated using low ash anthracite instead of some petroleum coke. It has high mechanical strength and good electrical conductivity after proper thermal processing. Some places of anthracite are also easier to graphitize.

4. Coal asphalt

Coal tar is a binder for the production of various graphite electrodes and carbon products. Coal tar pitch can infiltrate and infiltrate the surface and pores of various coke and anthracite, and make the particle components of various ingredients bond to each other and form a paste with good plasticity. The raw product after the paste molding is hardened by cooling, and the shape at the time of molding is maintained. When the raw product is calcined, the coal tar pitch gradually decomposes and carbonizes, and the surrounding coke particles are firmly bonded together. The carbonization rate of coal tar pitch is relatively high, and the pitch coke formed after carbonization is also easily graphitized.

5. Coal tar

Coal tar is a by-product of coking, it is a black viscous liquid. Coal tar is a mixture of various hydrocarbons. Hundreds of organic compounds can be extracted from coal tar. The dehydrated coal tar is mainly used to adjust the softening point of coal tar pitch in graphite electrode manufacturers. The purpose of using eucalyptus oil is the same as that of using coal tar, also to reduce the softening point or viscosity of the coal tar pitch.

6. Natural graphite

Natural graphite is generally not used in the production of graphite products and most carbon products. However, natural graphite can be used to produce natural graphite electrodes, battery carbon rods and brushes, graphite crucibles and other products.

7. Graphite powder, graphite broken

Graphite powder and graphite crumb are the scraps after graphitization or processing in the production of various graphite products in the carbon product factory and the cutting debris during processing. The physicochemical properties of graphite scrap are the same as those of the finished graphite electrode, mainly due to low ash content and good electrical conductivity.

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