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Graphite electrode high temperature anti - oxidation coating performance is excellent

Pulished on Apr. 22, 2019

Graphite electrode high temperature anti - oxidation coating performance is excellent

Graphite electrode, graphite, graphite anode plate are three kinds of equipment or materials must be used in industry. The quality of their use is directly related to the safety and efficiency of industrial production. If the material appears oxidation corrosion problem, the industrial production can not run normally, the safety hidden danger index increases greatly. Solving the problem of oxidation corrosion of high-temperature materials also shows the level of science and technology of a country.

When the normal work of the graphite electrode temperature can reach 1400 ℃, in such a high temperature, graphite electrode lining under high temperature flame barbecue, lining brick insulation, heat preservation cotton thermal insulation materials such as high temperature oxidation aging, material hair crisp, heat preservation and heat insulation effect, graphite electrode safety index fell sharply. In this way, the graphite electrode lining 3-5 years graphite electrode lining will be replaced by a batch, and the waste of materials, reduce the normal working time of graphite electrode, for the enterprise is a loss and a loss!

                                 Graphite electrode

Graphite anode plate under the environment of high temperature oxidation corrosion is faster, high temperature oxidation of graphite anode plate is refers to the graphite anode plate in the environment of high temperature gas phase and oxygen or oxygen substances such as water vapor, CO2, SO2 produces chemical reaction, into a graphite anode oxide, graphite anode oxide and graphite anode plate out, could not form a whole. High temperature corrosion is a common problem in petrochemical, energy, power, metallurgy, aerospace and other fields. High temperature corrosion and oxidation of graphite anode plate will result in brittle layer of graphite anode plate, the hardness, strength, toughness and other indicators of graphite anode plate decreased greatly, it is easy to produce explosion and other major safety accidents.

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