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Graphite electrode instructions

Pulished on Jul. 31, 2019

Graphite electrode instructions shared by carbon electrode manufacturer China.

1. The electrode in the process of transportation, must be covered with awning cloth.

2. Caution should be taken when using forklifts to transport stacked electrodes. Collision is strictly prohibited. Only allow one layer at a time, and pay attention to the balance of the center, to prevent slipping and breaking.

3. When loading and unloading with crane, sodium silk rope must be used separately, and steel packing belt of electrode cannot be directly hooked.

4. The China carbon graphite electrode should be hidden in a clean and dry place. When stacking in the open space, they should be covered with rainproof cloth.

5. The electrode shall be placed beside the electric furnace for drying in advance, and the temperature shall not exceed 150 degrees, and the time direction shall not be less than 24 hours.

6. When using the electrode, the ladle belt shall be cut with a special tool, and it shall not be broken by a crane.

7. The connection of the electrode, the first to clean the thread of the electrode, the joint small screw into one end of the electrode, the hoisting joint screw into the other end of the electrode, do not collision with the thread, it is recommended not to put the joint directly into the furnace is using the electrode.

8. It is absolutely not allowed to clean the electrode thread with steel wire group or metal brush or gauze, and only use compressed air without oil and water.

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9. The elasticity of the rotating hook is used, under the joint electrode pad under the soft 攴 cushion, in case of damaged threads.

10. Before connecting the electrode, the hole shall be cleaned with compressed air free of oil and water.

11. Lift the electrode to the furnace with an elastic hook, locate the center, move down slowly, rotate the person gently, and tighten it with the hoop ring.

12. Use special calipers to tighten it according to the specified torque, which can be tightened mechanically or by hydraulic or wind pressure equipment to the specified torque.

13. Failure to contact the end surfaces of the two electrodes or excessive contact pressure will affect normal use. Refer to the torque specified in the table on the right.

14. The electrode holder must be sandwiched in two white warning lines. The contact surface between the holder and the electrode should be cleaned regularly to maintain good contact with the electrode.

15. In order to avoid electrode breaking, insulation block shall not be installed in the furnace. The operating current of the motor should be consistent with the permissible current of the specification.

16. In order to avoid electrode breaking, place large pieces of material on the lower part and small pieces on the upper part.