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Graphite electrode for steel making

Pulished on Apr. 26, 2019

Graphite electrode for steel making

Graphite electrode steel-making is to input electric energy into the arc furnace through graphite electrode. The electric arc furnace takes the electric energy as the heat source and can adjust the atmosphere in the furnace.

When smelting all kinds of alloy steel and ferroalloy, graphite electrode is used. At this time, a strong electric current is introduced into the melting zone of the electric furnace through the electrode, and an electric arc is generated. The electric energy is converted into heat energy, and the temperature rises to about 2000 degrees, so as to achieve the purpose of smelting or reaction.

In addition, when electrolyzing magnesium, aluminum and sodium, graphite electrodes are also used for the anode of the electrolytic cell. Graphite electrodes are also used as a conductive material in the furnace head for the production of emery resistance furnaces.

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