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What should we pay attention to when using graphite electrode?

Pulished on Jun. 11, 2019

What should we pay attention to when using graphite electrode? Shared by the graphite electrode supplier.

1. Dry the wet graphite electrode before use.

2. Remove the foam protective cap on the spare graphite electrode hole, and check whether the internal thread of the electrode hole is complete.

3. Clean the surface of spare graphite electrode and hole internal thread with oil and water free compressed air; Avoid using wire or metal abrasive cloth to clean.

4. Carefully screw the joint into the electrode hole of the spare graphite electrode (it is not recommended to put the joint directly into the electrode removed from the furnace), and do not collide with the thread.

5. Screw the electrode spreader (graphite spreader is recommended) into the electrode hole at the other end of the standby electrode.

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6. When lifting the electrode, cushion soft material to the lower end of the spare electrode fitting connector to prevent the ground from damaging the connector; After the hook is extended into the sling ring of the spreader, the electrode should be hoisted steadily to prevent the electrode from loosening from the B end or colliding with other fixing devices.

7. Hang the spare electrode over the electrode to be received, aim at the electrode hole and slowly drop it; Rotate the spare electrode to make the screw hook rotate and descend with the electrode; When the two electrode ends are 10-20mm apart, clean the exposed part of the two electrode ends and the connector with compressed air again. When the electrode is finally fully lowered, it should not be too fierce, or the thread of electrode hole and connector will be damaged due to violent collision.

8. Use torque wrench to screw the spare electrode until the end faces of the two electrodes are in close contact (the correct connection gap between the electrode and the connector is less than 0.05mm).

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