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Graphene reduces the explosive coefficient of electric vehicles

Pulished on Aug. 07, 2019

Graphene reduces the explosive coefficient of electric vehicles

Graphene puts a "fire jacket" on lithium batteries and reduces the explosive coefficient of electric vehicles.

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Since the beginning of the hot summer weather across the country, there has been a lot of news about electric vehicle fires. What causes frequent electric vehicle fires? In life, people's common mobile phones, laptops, electric cars, etc., most of the lithium battery, and the lithium battery explosion and fire phenomenon collectively known as "heat out of control." Although lithium battery technology is becoming more and more advanced, battery failure is still inevitable.

What causes the lithium battery fire? Due to the high temperature of the surrounding environment, the stored energy of the battery is out of control due to the heat, and then there is an explosion and fire. At such times, graphene, a "black gold" material with excellent performance, stepped forward to put a "fire jacket" on lithium batteries, effectively reducing the explosion coefficient of lithium batteries.

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The United States a university graphene research report issued fully expressed using graphene li-ion batteries use cobalt acid lithium cathode small particles, by using the theory of oxygen atoms can't seep from the graphene films, prevent battery cathode oxygen, avoid release oxygen and other inflammable combination inside the battery, and reduces the coefficient of the fire. Let a person have to sigh: there is this operation!

At present, no breakthrough has been made in the field of battery materials in the world, and graphene composite lithium battery will be the focus of future research. After years of efforts by researchers, experiments have shown that graphene plays an auxiliary role in improving battery performance. This provides a new way of research for researchers. Looking into the future, graphene battery technology is bound to make new progress, and will be used in life scenarios in the future.

Graphene is an amazing material, which has a great impact on human beings. However, due to limited technologies, it has not been used on a large scale. If a technological breakthrough can be made in the field of graphene composite batteries, it will be a blessing for mankind. In the future, with the development of science and technology, the excellent properties of graphene will be developed, and it will be widely used in every scene of life. We look forward to this day as soon as possible!

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