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Material type of graphite crucible(Do you know these?)

Pulished on May. 09, 2019

Material type of graphite crucible

The materials of graphite crucible can be roughly divided into artificial graphite, graphite-clay material and graphite-silicon carbide material. The artificial graphite crucible is made of graphite electrode material. The graphite-clay crucible is made of natural flake graphite and clay. Now only in cast iron, cast steel high temperature melting and precious metals and other small melting use.

The graphite - silicon carbide crucible is made of natural flake graphite and silicon carbide. The crucible of this material is used for most of the melting of nonferrous metals such as copper alloy and aluminum alloy. In 1955, Japanese crucible co., ltd. developed and produced the graphite-silicon carbide crucible in Japan for the first time. Compared with graphite-clay material, this crucible is gradually replaced by it due to its excellent durability. Now the demand for graphite-silicon carbide crucible has accounted for about 97% of the whole.

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