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Edm Characteristics Of Graphite Materials (Middle)

Pulished on Dec. 20, 2019

China graphite electrode manufacturer introduce to you: with the development of high and new technology, graphite material manufacturing technology constantly improving, can satisfy the need of different edm graphite material emerge in endlessly, graphite high-speed milling machine tools on the market came into being, graphite discharge performance of nc edm machine tool has a comprehensive ascension.

Edm Characteristics Of Graphite Materials (Middle)

Graphite Electrodes 

4. machining accuracy

The thermal expansion coefficient of graphite material is small, and the thermal expansion coefficient of copper material is 4 times that of graphite material. Therefore, graphite electrode is less prone to deformation than copper electrode in the discharge processing, and more stable and reliable processing accuracy can be obtained. Especially in the processing of deep and narrow rib, the local high temperature tends to bend the copper electrode, while the graphite electrode does not. For deep diameter than a big copper electrode, also need to compensate when processing set must come the thermal expansion values of fixed size, and eaf lf graphite electrodes don't need.

5. electrode weight

Graphite is less dense than copper, with graphite electrodes of the same volume weighing only one-fifth as much. It can be seen that the graphite material is very suitable for the larger electrode, which greatly reduces the load of the main shaft of the edm machine tool, and the electrode will not cause clamping inconvenience due to the large weight, and the deflection displacement in the processing and other problems, it can be seen that the use of graphite electrode in the large mold processing is very meaningful.

6. difficulty to make electrode

Graphite material machining performance is good, cutting resistance is only 1/4 of the copper, in the correct processing conditions, milling processing graphite electrode efficiency is 2~3 times of the copper electrode.Graphite electrode is easy to clear the Angle, which can be used to design a whole electrode for processing.The unique particle structure of graphite material makes the electrode not burr after milling and molding, which directly meets the use requirements for complex modeling, which is inconvenient to remove burr, eliminating the manual polishing process of the electrode, and avoiding the shape change and size error caused by polishing.

It is important to note that due to graphite is dust accumulation, milling graphite will produce large amounts of dust, so the milling machine tools must be sealed and dust collection device. If you need to use wedm machining graphite electrode, and its processing performance is as good as copper material, cutting speed slow compared with copper by about 40%.

Installation and use of electrodes

7. Graphite material can be good bonding, can use conductive adhesive graphite and fixture bonding method milling electrode, discharge processing, can be saved in the electrode material processing screw hole procedure, save the working time.Graphite material is relatively fragile, especially the small narrow long electrode, in use when the external force is easy to break, but you can immediately know that the electrode has been damaged.If it is a copper electrode, it will only bend and will not break. This situation is very dangerous and difficult to find in the use process, which may easily lead to the scrap of the workpiece.

8 the price

Copper is a non-renewable resource and the price trend will become more and more expensive, while the price of graphite tends to stabilize. Copper material price rising in recent years, the major manufacturers of graphite improving the process in the production of graphite make its competitive advantage, now, under the same volume, generality of graphite electrode material price and the price of copper electrode materials is quite, but the graphite can achieve efficient processing, than the use of copper electrode to save a large number of working hours, equivalent to reduce the production cost directly.

To sum up, among the 8 edm characteristics of graphite electrode, it has obvious advantages: the efficiency of milling electrode and discharge machining is significantly better than that of copper electrode, the large electrode has small weight, good dimensional stability, the thin electrode is not easy to deform, and the surface texture is better than that of copper electrode. The disadvantage of graphite material is that it is not suitable for fine surface discharge machining (edm) below VDI12 (ra0.4-m), and the use of edm wire cutting electrode is less efficient.However, from a practical point of view, an important reason affecting the effective promotion of graphite materials in China is that milling electrodes need special graphite processing machines, which puts forward new requirements for processing equipment of mold enterprises, some small enterprises may not have this condition. In general, the advantages of graphite electrode characteristics cover the vast majority of edm processing occasions, worthy of promotion and application, considerable long-term benefits, its fine surface processing shortcomings can be made up by the use of copper electrode.

The new graphite electrode material is worthy of promotion and its advantages will be gradually recognized and accepted by the domestic mold manufacturing industry. The correct selection of graphite electrode materials, together with the improvement of related processes, will bring high efficiency, high quality, low cost benefit to the mold manufacturing enterprises.