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Industrial Applications Of Graphite

Pulished on Apr. 02, 2019

Graphite is divided into cryptocrystalline graphite and crystalline graphite. Cryptocrystalline graphite is mainly used to make Carbon Graphite Rod , which is used in iron and steel industry and casting industry. Crystalline graphite is mainly used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical, electronics, military, national defense, aerospace and other fields. The main areas of graphite consumption in China are refractory 10%, steelmaking 30%, casting 30%, pencil core 10%, conductive 10% and sealing 10%. In addition, the consumption of graphene emulsion and energy saving and wear reducing additive is less than 1%. Below the graphite manufacturers for you to talk about the industrial application of graphite:

1. Application of graphite in sealing materials.

Flexible graphite is used as piston ring gasket and sealing ring for centrifugal pump, turbine, steam turbine and equipment conveying corrosive medium.

2. Application of graphite in conductive materials.

In the electrical industry, graphite is widely used as electrode, brush, rod, carbon tube and television picture tube coating.

                                                                 Graphite Electrodež

3. Application of graphite in refractory materials.

In the smelting industry, graphite crucible is made of graphite, as the protectant of steel ingot, and magnesia carbon brick is used as the lining of smelting furnace.

4. Application of graphite in corrosion resistant materials.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, hydrometallurgy and other fields.

5. Application of Graphite Electrode in wear-resisting materials and lubricants.

In a lot of machinery and equipment, using graphite as wear and lubrication materials, can be in 200 ~ 2000 ℃ temperature range sliding at a speed of 100 m/s, no or little use of lubricating oil.

6. Application of graphite in heat insulation, high temperature resistance and radiation proof materials.

Graphite can be used as a neutron moderator in nuclear reactors, as well as nozzles for rockets, nose cones for missiles, aerospace equipment parts, thermal insulation materials, radiation-proof materials and so on.