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What Do You Know About Carbon Graphite Electrode?

Pulished on Dec. 09, 2019

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Carbon graphite is the most widely used friction pair material in mechanical seal industry, which has good self-lubricating performance, low friction coefficient, good corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, low coefficient of linear expansion, good pair performance and temperature resistance.

Carbon Graphite

Carbon Graphite

Graphite is a kind of non-metallic material composed of carbon elements. It is one of the three isomers of carbon element, belonging to the hexagonal crystal system. Each layer is composed of hexagonal rings, and the layer is parallel to the layer, showing an orderly overlapping crystal structure.

Graphite can be divided into natural graphite and artificial graphite according to its source. Artificial graphite is made of carbon material by graphitization at high temperature above 2500 ℃.

Carbon graphite generally has good conductivity, heat resistance, wear resistance, self lubrication, high temperature stability, strong chemical corrosion resistance, higher thermal conductivity than polymer, and small linear expansion coefficient. The friction coefficient and wear rate of chromium plated surface are very low under atmospheric and room temperature conditions. But when the humidity is very low, it will lose its lubricity. The wear resistance of carbon graphite can be improved by applying wear-resistant coating.Graphite not only can be used as solid lubricant, but also can be added into resin, metal, ceramics and other materials to increase the antifriction of these materials.

The symbol of "class" of carbon graphite material for mechanical engineering is m, which has four series: carbon graphite material, electrochemical graphite material, resin carbon composite material and metal graphite material.

Carbon Graphite Electrode

Carbon Graphite Electrode

Precautions for using carbon graphite electrode:

1. The wet graphite electrode shall be dried before use.

2. Remove the foam protective cap on the spare graphite electrode hole and check whether the thread in the electrode hole is complete.

3. Clean the surface of spare graphite electrode and internal thread of hole with compressed air free of oil and water; avoid cleaning with steel wire or metal brush cloth.

4. Carefully screw the joint into the electrode hole at one end of the standby graphite electrode (it is not recommended to directly install the joint into the replaced electrode on the furnace), and do not collide with the thread.

5. Screw the electrode sling (graphite sling is recommended) into the electrode hole at the other end of the standby electrode.

6. When lifting the electrode, pad the soft object under one end of the spare electrode mounting joint to prevent the ground from damaging the joint; use the hook to extend into the lifting ring of the spreader and lift the electrode stably to prevent the electrode from loosening from the B end or colliding with other fixed devices.