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How To Use Graphite Carburizer Reasonably?

Pulished on Apr. 09, 2019

Graphite Electrode Manufacturer tells you that synthetic cast iron production technology is to change the past for a long time has been used as the main ingredients of pig iron burden ingredients method, but do not use pig iron, or only a small amount of pig iron, mainly use scrap steel as the main burden, with graphite carburizer carburizing to achieve the specified chemical composition and new ingredients method. Compared with the old method, the new ingredient method has the following three advantages:

1. Avoid the transmissibility of new pig iron

2.Graphite carburizer to increase the external graphite core

                                                         Graphite Recarburizer manufacturers

3. Is the scrap of nitrogen and bring in more from the graphite recarburizer nitrogen promoted pearlite and changed the graphite morphology, but many introduced synthetic iron experience literature, basically is recommended to adopt low nitrogen low sulfur childish type graphite graphite carburant, its reason is that the graphite recarburizer block can dissolve carburization of straight degree, high recovery rate, thus when using graphite carburant, only pay attention to the graphite morphology, carbon content, ash content and granularity, and not to focus on nitrogen content of graphite carburant, often the nitrogen effect as the casting porosity defect reasons and refused to use of the favorable conditions of nitrogen can increase the strength of casting, Therefore, it is beneficial to utilize the nitrogen in the graphite carburizer. Done in theory, but in fact the negative, but in the practical application of Graphite Recarburizer manufacturers change without nitrogen content analysis, on the technical conditions and no analysis of nitrogen, and nitrogen content in graphite carburant and produce gray cast iron pieces of nitrogen in a state of disorder, so although many foundries are also adopted a high proportion of scrap ratio, also joined in about 2% of the graphite carburant, but the results, some factory high nitrogen content in cast iron pieces, produce nitrogen blow hole and make the casting scrap, while most of the factories to produce the casting performance is still not high, Since it is difficult for the strength of the body to meet the requirement of HT250 stably, low carbon equivalent should still be adopted to improve the strength.